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Welcome to Xbook. Here you will find a simple way to buy and sell textbooks. For the next little while, exchanging textbooks on Xbook will be reserved for current students at the University of Alberta. Once this testing phase is complete, Xbook will be expanded to include a number of post-secondary institutions across Canada.

Why is Xbook easier to use than other textbook sources? It's smarter. Xbook can access the classes you are currently taking or have already completed through Bear Scat. Sell your textbooks with a couple clicks of your mouse instead of hunting down old course numbers or ISBNs.

amazon.ca chapters.indigo.ca Bookstore SUBtitles

New and used prices from Amazon, Chapters, the Bookstore, and SUBtitles make shopping around and setting your price a breeze. See a list of books along with their price and condition that are up for grabs from other students using Xbook. Xbook will even recommend the best price to sell your textbook for.

Have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Found a problem or getting an error? Just send an email to webmaster@xbook.ca.

 Sell a Book
 1. Search for the book you want to sell.
 2. Set your price and note its condition.
 3. Wait for an email from potential buyers.
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 1. Search for the book you want to buy.
 2. Choose a seller by price and condition.
 3. Wait for an email from the seller.